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makes clear president putin inspends to maintain the russian's sphere of influence there and at a cost to his country. that is why leadership in washington and its allies will be of such critical importance in ukraine. according to the budapest agreement, russia has an obligation to respect the sovereignty of its neighbor and the west should stand united in holding president putin to that agreement. the united states, nato, and the e.u. should also work together to support the interim government in kiev by supporting free and fair elections, and members of congress are already discussing loan guarantees and additional sanctions against russia. but if there's one thing russia's military intervention into crimea also makes absolutely clear despite the the best hope of some, is this. the foundation of the international system is governed by force, capability and interest. let me say that again. the foundation of the international system is governed by force, capability, and interest. that's the reality we should be guided by in approaching this conflict, and it's a reality we should be g
's beliefs. >>> time is now 7:42. we're still following developments in ukraine. tensions are very high in the southern part of the country that has strong ties to russia. now, pro russian government seized local government buildings and raised the russian flag. tensions are high between the now government and pro russian activists. there are reports that the ukrainian president driven out of power is now in russia where he's asked for protection. there are also reported that north korea launched four short- range missiles. the launches come as the u.s. and south korea are carrying out joint military exercises. now, north korea called these exercises a rehearsal for invasion. presumably, the missile launchers are a reacaction to thes -- reaction to those military exercises. >>> allegations of a sexual assault on a cal campus are not being taken seriously. the action 30 women are taking themselves. >>> and a bizarre attempted murder case in the south bay. police say the weapon was a speeding car targeting total strangers. >>> good morning. right now we're looking at a commute that's stil
at the legislation that says that russian is the second national in which. -- second national language. and therefore, as the resolution states, this is a position to be reconciled with the position in the ukraine. we aspire to achieve a country the rulefree and under of law. we do not wish to get involved and other spurious arguments. thank you. >> the president of the foreign affairs committee, i would like to ask you. international committee inquired into the responsibilities that toled 80 ukrainians trying expect democracy. a change in power is not enough of a sanction. i would like to invite the european government to receive ukraine wantsthe the government has been appointed. it is in the interest of both sides -- what do you think? >> thank you very much. -- delegation [indiscernible] we were involved in meetings last week with representatives of the institutions and the president at the time. and we will continue to have these discussions and we will accept invitations to meet with these governments. we have always taken the view that we should be involved in discussions for both parties, thi
. he is in the ukraine, bill, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, there is a russian war memorial behind me, russia's black sea fleet has been based here in the crimea for 250 years, but none of it explains what russia has been up to today. there is no question, the russian armor and men have been on the move today, and maybe on the move tonight. a form of intervention? well, russia is admitting as much. it began in the dead of night, unknown gunmen surrounding the main airport in crimea. by day it was clear they were pro-russian and against any repeat here of ukraine's revolution. after the surprise on land came the shock in the air. russian helicopters, some gun ships flying over crimeaand what ukraine said was a violation of its air space. next, at sea, a russian war ship blocking the ukraine coast guard vessels from leaving port. the russian troops are on the move, these men blocking the main military airport where tonight hundreds more russians flew in. ukraine says 2,000, russia says it is for security. but whose security and is that really all? along ukraine's bord
surrounded by russian troops. in addition, the situation in eastern ukraine remains fluid with reports of demonstrations in certain cities as well as attempts by local groups to seize control of some official buildings. on sunday, the parliament urged russia to fulfill immediately the agreement of the black sea fleet on ukraine territory and called for the fast withdrawal of russian troops to their bases. the russian position on event was articulated by the foreign minister in remarks made at today's human rights council. he stated that russia's actions were a question of defending our citizens and compatriots and assuring human rights. the secretary-general has remained closely engaged on the situation in ukraine. in the latest phone call conversation with president putin over the weekend, the secretary-general told him that he was closely following the serious and rapidly unfolding developments in ukraine. the secretary-general expressed concern about the situation that would compromise the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country. he reiterated it was critical to
developments around the crisis in ukraine, russian president vladimir pew tin said his country has no in -- putin said his country has no intention of fighting the ukrainian people and agreed to hold talks tomorrow in brussels. putin said he reserves the right to use force to protect the rights of russians living in ukraine. he has thousands of troops in the crimea region. >>> whistleblower edward snowden will speak at the south by southwest festival next week in austin, texas, appearing via teleconference to discth >>> now game on with kristen berset. >> the georgetown hoyas are on an unfamiliar spot on the bubble of the ncaa tournament, but heading to this final stretch john thompson, iii said win and we're in. we won't know the outcome for another week or, so but the hoyas are making sure the selection committee takes notice of this team. georgetown hosting 12th
the nation." the crisis in ukraine intensifies. >> with russian forces in crimea. call up their reserves and begs the international community for help. >> we are on the brink of disaster. >> we'll go to ukraine for the latest nice. we'll hear from secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. we'll have analysis on all of it from our panel of experts and with russia once more in the news we'll look back at a milestone "face the nation" interview. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs >> schieffer: good morning again there are developments from overnight on the crisis in ukraine. russian president sad her putin has moved troops in to crimea that is region where mostly russian speaking population, a move that the ukrainian prime minister says is a declaration of war. vladimir putin and president obama spoke yesterday for 90 minutes a conversation the white house described as the toughest of the obama presidency. as for ukraine, a new government there is mobilizing its reserves and authorizing the call up of all men under the
on car insurance. o >>> the brink of disaster. russian troops invade ukraine's crimean peninsula as president vladimir putin defies calls to pull back his troops. >> there was not any reason for the russian federation to invade ukraine. hit the east coast with up to a foot of snow. >>> and in hollywood -- >> and the oscar goes to -- "12 years a slave." >> "12 years a slave" becomes the first film with black director to win the film industry's top honor. captioning funded by cbs ry's top honor.
will meet with his russian counterpart in paris today to discuss the ukraine. >> president obama talked about a possible solution or at least resolution with german chancellor murkle. international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. and russian president vladimir putin calls the invasion a humanitarian mission to protect those russians who are living in ukraine. putin also said he would use force if needed. >> once they are there, there's -- [ no audio ] >> the united states is considering economic sanctions against russia as well. president putin though says economic sanctions wouldn't deter him. russian firms have already lost nearly $60 billion on the stock market over in moscow over worries about the ukrainian invasion. the united states is also offered ukraine's new government a $1 billion loan guarantee and technical assistance. >>> you should expect to see an increased police presence at montgomery college campuses today. >> this is after a second message threatening a mass aschool shooting was -- massive school shooting was found in a stair well. >>
in ukraine deepens. pro-russian forces begin to lay claim to a critical border region, while the ousted ukraine president prepares for his first public appearance since anti-government protesters forced him to flee the country. >>> credit cards will be available, social security number, personal information. >> and hunting hackers. how u.s. autti
to russia and vladimir putin. tensions flare, is the russian military moving into ukraine? >>> monster storm. rising floods. residents pulled from trees and rivers of mud out west, as the rest of the nation braces for another major snowstorm. >>> and on the run. an abc news exclusive. we'll show you the video that broke open an international manhunt for a mother and her two missing children and our david muir tracks her down. >>> and a good evening to you on this friday night. the urgent six in ukraine, there are reports that russian president vladimir putin is moving his troops into that country, and putting the united states and the whole world on a kind of hair trigger. late today, president obama personally warned, if putin is, there will be costs. terry moran reports on the crisis in ukraine as tensions are rising at this hour. >> at dawn, bands of armed man appeared at the two main airports at crimea and seized control. they wore uniforms with no insignias or identification. their trucks had no license plates. and they spoke russian, not ukrainian. that was the start. convoys were seen
in control of the crimea region of ukraine this morning with troops pouring in and the pro-russian prime minister there claiming he's controlling them. this comes a day after president obama warned russia it should stay out. bill neely is right in the middle of it all. bill, good morning. >> reporter: yes, lester, crimea's crisis has deepened overnight. armed troops have taken up position behind me outside crimea's parliament. ukraine is alleging that more russian troops arrived here overnight and that those russian troops are trying now to seize control of a missile base. from russia's president putin, silence. from president obama, a warning. a military air base now in russian hands, troops manning the entrance, one of three airports now taken from ukrainian control. crimea's main airport is closed. armed, pro-russian forces protecting it, russian troops arriving by the planeload. ukraine says ten russian military transport planes arrived at this airport carrying men and ammution. in two 11 attack helicopters. ukraine's defense minister says 6,000 additional russian troops have arrived
affect russians are protected. the everraded barbs in evolving international crisis in the ukraine. troops have docked warships and surrendered military bases. vladimir putin now blames the west for creating the environment that led to the ouster of the ukrainian president he insists he said forces in recently to help protect affect russians to face persecution. >> they were self-defense teams. it will be completely legitimate. and correspond to international law. >> the obama administration says no threat exists. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of the gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. injohn kerry was in tf -- a package that will help the ukrainian economy. he said sanctions against russia will backfire and while he does not want to start a fight, moscow reserves the right to protect russians in that country. >> on the diplomatic front, secretary kerry is slated to meet with his russian counterpart wednesday. officials are scheduled to meet with nato officials in brussels. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> dramatic moments outside of the w
is a big problem. >> it is a violation of international law. >> plus new developments in ukraine as tensions escalate with thousands of russian troops reportedly moving in. >> i borrowed the hat and thought i'd pass it on and get some money for the pizza. >> and what a fast food chain paid for morrell's hat. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. >>> we're in for a frigid night and that's not good for our already slick roads. the federal government, the d.c. government both running on a two-hour delay tomorrow. metrobuses will resume operations, but only on certain busy routes. >> topper declared tomorrow a yellow alert, so let's find out how cold it's getting overnight. >> we did it for two reasons, one the frigid air and slick spots in the morning. it's 0 in manassas, 5 in leesburg, 3 in winchester, then cumberland and 2 below in culpeper. those are straight temperatures. so record lows, d.c. record low is 4. that's probably safe set back in 1873. the record low at dulles is 6. we'll break that because we're already 5 and we've broken the low this morning at 5
,z/ >>> secretary of state john kerry heads to ukraine as the u.s. considers sanctions against russia while president vladimir putin calls off russian military exercises. >>> snow, ice and single-digit temperatures make travel a hazard along the mid-atlantic region. >>> and lebron james is nearly unstoppable as he scores the >>> and lebron james is nearly unstoppable as he scores the most points of his nba career. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 4th, 2014. >>> good morning, good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. well, as the ukrainian crisis deepens, a new chill has settled over u.s./russian relations. the president met with this national security council monday to consider u.s. responses short
ukraine back on its feet. it will also help with planning elections. meanwhile also this morning, russian president vladimir putin warned that sanctions against his country would backfire on the west. he warned that russia is not trying to take over the crimea region in the ukraine. he ordered troops recently place there had to pull back. critical of ukraine's new leaders, putin says that the fwost that ousted president viktor yanukovcyh is a coup. he says right now military force is not necessary. this is the first time we've heard from putin since russian troops took over the crimea region. back to you. >> thank you so much. >>> we are waiting now for president obama to speak at a northwest d.c. elementary school, visiting powell elementary school. he's there right now. he will tour a class and speak about his 2015 budget proposal. it calls for a greater investment in education and expands the child tax credit for some parents. >>> and we were there when president obama's budget arrived on capitol hill this morning. the white house says the proposal would adhere to the spending limits r
radical? the prime minister said it was super flexible. >> in the presence of russian troops in ukraine, what kind of strain does that put on [inaudible] the level of uncertainty is all around the country. the conditions are pretty nervous. -- nowsday of last week, with the presence of russian more money? >> i do not think we need more money. >> the prime minister said some money would be diverted to the military. underfinanced for a long time in the past. the basic expenses should be covered by the ukrainian state. and then there is the gap. if we repay all of the debt it is ad for this year, geo -- from what i hear from the --ld, from what i hear from >> people are talking about this increasing the impetus and the -- it strengthens your hand with the imf. we did not invite any type of troops to help us. s is thesense i international community is more prepared to help before they were for russian troops arrived. >> i did not see the delegation yet. it looks like we will see them tomorrow. let's cross over to ryan. we know the imf is in town. what else is on the agenda today ? >> as far
. the russians, as you say, have certainly taken over this region of ukraine. >> bill neely on the ground for us in the area, thank you very much i'm now joined by secretary of state john kerry. welcome back to "meet the press." >> glad to be with you. thank you. >> for the past ten days, the administration officials and the president himself have basically said to russia don't do this or else. here just friday, the president laying it out when he spoke to vladimir putin. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military interventioning in ukraine. >> now, you've called this an invasion. so what are the costs? >> well, we're now discussing all of the options. this is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. it's really 19th century behavior in the 21st century and there's no way to start with that if russia persists in this, that the g-8 countries are going to assemble in sochi. that's a starter. but there's much more than that. russia has major investment and trade needs and desires. i think
think all the russians in ukraine are content over this? what kind of role can russia play in this conflict in solving this? how do you see this as an action president? >> ukraine has always been the strategic partner. the agreements that we have with , within the frame work, since i know the character of mr. putin i am surprised why he had been so restrained, why he has kept ilent. his is a big question. >> so here's my question -- >> introduce yourself, please. >> when you conducted peace protests. the do you confirm this fact? and do you regret ever onducting these talks? >> we held official norks with . e opposition -- there allegations were a lot of them. and the goal of all of them is to end the bloodshed and violence and find a peaceful solution. there is nothing wrong about hat. unfortunately we were not able to find a peaceful solution. acceptable for me to see any other alternatives to a peaceful solution. no power is worth a drop of blood. this has been due to the actions of those people. i never gave any orders to the police to open fire. you know, the police
the prospect of a pro russian separatist rebellion. today they began massive military exercises on ukraine's border with some 150,000 troops involved. dimitri with the carnegie institute in moscow explains russia's decision. >> we mean business. we do not want to take over countries, but we will stand up to defend our interests. >> tensions have been further inflamed by the news that russia has helped viktor yanukovych who was wanted in ukraine on charges of mass murder in his role for the killings of 850 protesters last week. people here like 20-year-old student tania are appalled he will not face justice. >> i want people to kill him because he e's not human. he's a monster. >> he's a monster. >> yes. >> we're now waiting for that press conference from yanukovych. he's choosing to hold it not in the capital of moscow but in a city 50 miles from ukraine's border. that, of course, is only going to ratchet up tensions even further. anthony, norah? >> very fragile situation there. clarissa ward. thank you. >>> if you have achoices. i got high without thinking about the harm it could do. i di
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